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New Coating Systems for Twin-Screw-Compressors

Titel: New Coating Systems for Twin-Screw-Compressors
Autor(en): Prof. Dr.-Ing. K. Kauder, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fr.-W. Bach, Dipl.-Ing. M. Helpertz, Dipl.-Ing. W. Unterberg
erschienen: 1999
in: Intern. Conference on Compressors and their Systems. S. 423-432 London: CITY University, IMechE Conference, Transactions, 1999-6
Title: New coating systems for twin screw compressors
Abstract: This paper covers the manufacturing of coated twin screw rotors for the improvement of the operational behaviour and the possible use as a method of repair by hybrid coating systems with run-in properties.

The coatings are produced by using atmospheric plasma spraying (APS). Tests with simplified samples have shown that the application of 7% yttrium stabilized APS-Zirconia, ZrO27Y2O3, allows the production of coatings with desirable run-in characteristics. Hybrid coatings consist of a NiCrAl bond coat or of a Cr2O3 coat and a porous ceramic top coat (ZrO27Y2O3). They were applied to various substrate materials. The effects of different sprayings distances on the behaviour and microstructure are discussed in this paper.