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Oil as a Design Parameter in Screw Type Compressors

Titel: Oil as a Design Parameter in Screw Type Compressors
Autor(en): Prof. Dr.-Ing. K. Kauder, Dipl.-Ing. R. Deipenwisch
erschienen 1999
in: Intern. Conference on Compressors and their Systems. S. 49-58, London: CITY University, IMechE Conference, Transactions, 1999-6
Title: Oil as a Design Parameter in Screw Type Compressors

Oil Distribution and Power Losses caused by Oil in the Working Chamber of a Screw Type Compressor

Abstract: The effects of oil in the working chamber of screw compressors, especially the oil distribution and the power losses are the subject of this paper. Results of the determination of power losses from two different test stands and a model for the calculation of the power losses caused by the oil in the working chamber are presented. This model includes a theoretical analysis of the different mechanisms of the oil on the power losses. Experiments using a model rotor test stand lead to a determination of the friction losses and losses associated with the acceleration of the oil in the clearances. Investigations with different oils and operating conditions deliver a further verification of the calculation model. To improve the quality of the model, the clearances of a running screw compressor were measured.