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Matthias Utri, M.Sc.

Matthias Utri, M.Sc. Photo of Matthias Utri, M.Sc.

(+49)231 755-5724

(+49)231 755-5722


Campus Adresse
Campus Nord
Maschinenbau I

Room 344


Personal details:

Matthias Utri graduated from TU Dortmund University in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in machine technology. He is working as a research assistant for the Chair of Fluidics since 2013.


Scope of activities:

  • Investigation of twin screw compressors and expanders with variable rotor lead
  • Investigation of clearance flows in experiment and CFD-simulation
  • Design of screw rotor profiles
  • Working on industrial projects



Utri, M., Brümmer, A.: A comparative examination of the potential of screw expanders with variable rotor pitch.
In: 9th International Conference on Screw Machines, 2014, VDI Bericht 2228 (2014), p. 249-266.
Also published in: Prozesstechnik und Komponenten, Dr. Harnisch Verlag, 2016 (German version). 

Utri, M., Brümmer, A.: Improvement of the Efficiency of Twin-Screw Refrigeration Compressors by means of Dual Lead Rotors.
In: 23rd International compressor engineering conference at Purdue, paper 1428, 2016.

Utri, M., Brümmer, A.: Energy potential of dual lead rotors for twin screw compressors.
  In: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 232, 2017.

Utri, M., Brümmer, A.: Fluid Flow through Front Clearances of Dry Running Screw Machines Using Dimensionless Numbers.
  In: 24th International compressor engineering conference at Purdue, paper 1344, 2018.

Utri, M., Brümmer, A., Hauser, J.: Comparison of thermodynamic efficiency between constant, dual and multiple lead rotors for an industrial air screw compressor.
  In: 10th International Conference on Screw Machines 2018.

Utri, M., Höckenkamp, S., Brümmer, A.: Fluid flow through male rotor housing clearances of dry running screw machines using dimensionless numbers.
  In: 10th International Conference on Screw Machines 2018.

Utri, M., Brümmer, A.: Opportunities for variable rotor lead in screw compressors depending on dimensionless numbers.
  In: Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering, 2018.