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Heiko Pleskun, M.Sc.

Heiko Pleskun, M.Sc. Photo of Heiko Pleskun, M.Sc.

(+49)231 755-6331

(+49)231 755-5722


Campus Adresse
Campus Nord
Maschinenbau I


Personal details:

Heiko Pleskun graduated from TU Dortmund University in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in Simulation Methods in Production Engineering. He has been working as a research assistant for the Chair of Fluidics since September 2017.


Scope of activities:

  • Simulation and measurement of rarefied gas flows
  • Vacuum technology


Huck, C.; Pleskun, H.; Brümmer, A.: Measurement and Simulation of rarefied Couette Poiseuille flow with variable cross section.
In: Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A 36, 031606, 2018. DOI: 10.1116/1.5024899