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Compressible non-reflective coupling method for 3D/1D flow simulation

Title: Compressible non-reflective coupling method for 3D/1D flow simulation
Thema: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite volume method, method of characteristics
Promotion: Mercator Research Center Ruhr (MERCUR)
Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. Brümmer
Cooperation: Chair of Hydraulic Fluid Maschinery, RUB


Feedback of plants onto attached hydraulic fluid machinery increasingly occurs with efficient control technology. Thus, machine and plant need to be calculated simultaneously and coupled in order to realise a reliable numerical design process. 3D simulation of an entire plant is not realistic because of unreasonable computational time. Hence, a machine needs to be simulated in 3D and a plant in 1D. A method for coupling compressible 3D finite volume methods and 1D method of characterictics is developed in the scope of this project. The innovation of this method is a conservative coupling via numerical fluxes. Thus, no explicit boundary conditions need to be formulated at the interface, which could induce reflections or distortions. The method is validated by means of generic test cases and experiments.