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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Chair of Fluidics

The aim of the research at the Chair of Fluidics is to achieve an innovative design for rotary displacement machines and other machinery by means of an improved understanding of physical processes and their interaction with the surrounding system. Since 1975, the research focus is set on screw-type machines for various applications such as

  • twin screw compressors,
  • twin screw expanders,
  • superchargers, and
  • screw vacuum pumps.

This field is complemented by research activites directed towards aspects of fluid mechanics, acoustics and other fluid machinery.

In particular, combinations of generic experimental investigations and detailed simulation establish fundamental understanding for new theoretical models. By integration of these new models in methods for the design and theoretical investigation of fluid machinery, a validation in real existing machines is realized.

The education at the Chair of Fluidics focusses on the training of Mechanical Engineers (BA/MA) in the field of fluid mechanics and specific knowledge concerning design and operating behaviour of various fluid energy machines. Theoretically determined correlations are therefore deepened by means of tutorials and experiments.