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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Rotor test bench

The rotor test bench is designed to investigate the friction and wear in the contact area of ​​unsynchronized, dry-running screw rotors. The contact load between the screw rotors is determined by measuring the bearing forces, the torques and the shaft displacements. The contact situation during operation is optically recorded by a triggered camera system.

The individual components and assemblies are explained below.

  • drive and break
    The drive speed and load torque are precisely adjusted on the male and female rotor via two servomotors.
  • bearing concept
    The rotor shafts are mounted through aerostatic bearings so that the bearing friction is minimal and the forces in the rotor contact can be precisely determined.
  • measuring technology
    All forces and displacements of the rotors are dynamically recorded by 6-axis load cells at the bearings, torque meters on the main and secondary rotor strand and capacitive distance sensors on the rotor shafts.
  • camera system
    The contact situation during the operation of the screw rotors is recorded dynamically via two triggered cameras.


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